Customizable case with initial enclosed between a queen crown and a red heart on a white background.
Recommended “for her”.

Available for iPhone, SAMSUNG and HUAWEI and GOOGLE PIXEL
in a shockproof soft version or a hard classical one.

Enter up to 3 initials or numbers,In the way you like them, in the configurator below.
It’s recommended to insert only one initial.

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  • Write down your initials (you can type also numbers or characters).
    The more letters you write the lower the size of the text.

  • Select the brand of your smartphone

  • Select the shape and material of your case

    • Slim case made in hard plastic material. It does not protect every corner unlike the protective one.
  • Seleziona il tipo/materiale per la tua cover
    Scopri maggiori dettagli  cliccando qui.

    • Cover ultra protettiva con bordo nero coprente tutti i bordi del dispositivo. Consigliata
    • Cover ultra protettiva con bordo semi-trasparente coprente tutti i bordi del dispositivo.
    • Cover sottile rigida in materiale plastico.

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